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I am a political scientist with a background in European studies. I am interested in the development of European and Romanian public policies and politics. Currently, I work as a Doctoral Researcher and Teaching Assistant at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. My PhD thesis evaluates  the governance of European funds in new European member states, looking particularly at the management and implementation of European Structural Funds in Bulgaria and Romania (2007-2013). Before starting my PhD, I worked for two years in Brussels training within and outside European institutions. My posts will review developments in European and Romanian politics and policies.

Sunt cercetator in domeniul stiintelor politice si al studiilor europene. Sunt interesat in modul in care se dezvolta politicile si politica Europeana si romaneasca. Momentan, activez ca si cercetator doctorand si ca asistent universitar la Universitatea din Loughborough din Marea Britanie. Teza mea de doctorat evalueaza  guvernarea fondurilor europene in noile state membre ale Uniunii Europene, concentrandu-se in special pe managementul si implementarea fondurilor structurale in Bulgaria si Romania (2007-2013). Inainte de a-mi incepe doctoratul, am lucrat doi ani la Bruxelles cu si in afara institutiilor europene. Prin postarile de aici voi analiza diferitele evolutii ale politicii si politicilor europene si romanesti.


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